On a mission to make the world a more efficient, safer, and connected space.

About Us

Milkie Way is a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. Our mission is to build products that make our world a more efficient, safer, and connected space.

While we are not tied to any specific industry, technology is, and will be the common denominator across all our products.

Our Products

Get Yrl; Go Viral!

Yrl makes individual creators Ambassadors of Products and Ideas. Businesses can campaigns that Creators can claim, share and earn everytime they bring users.

Relevant information at the right location, at the right time.

Announce allows users to Create, View and Share announcements in any part of the world in real time.

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The world has a new address; it's the one defined by you.

Point Address is revolutionalizing addresses by giving the power to create and manage addresses to users. For the first time users have full controls to protect their privacy.

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Our Beliefs

Build for everyone

We want to build products that can be accessed and used by everyone. Technology is increasingly getting ubiquitous, and even though there are very different environments that our users live in, the challenges they face today are very similar.

Small, quick iterations

Putting the user first, our development process is highly user-centric, and instead of launching finished products, we will launch features in quick, small iterations. The goal will always be to get the product in the hands of our users and hear their feedback.

Use infinitesimal resources

We believe less is more. Our culture instills the use of minimal resources to produce the maximum impact. Iterations of our products will be minimalistic but functional, and we will always listen to our users to build the most critical features first.

Build the world class infrastructure

Our engineering practices and workflows should be as efficient as possible. We are not building a product, but a platform that's capable of building great products really fast.